Equity Partner

Are you interested in selling or partially exiting your Speech Therapy company?

Whether you are looking to expand your speech therapy practice, to retire, or to try something new, we’re here to help. We have multiple options available to help well established clinics through the acquisition process. Our flexible partnership opportunities can be customized. Together, we will decide this role clearly while we’re formalizing our relationship. Some practice owners decide to be treating Therapists, Clinical Managers or Regional Directors. Our expertise and resources will help you increase efficiency and profitability and will make your practice scalable.
Our custom developed practice management software, use of technology and overseas billing and scheduling department can add up to 10% to the bottom line.

Our management company offers

Equity Partnership

We offer 51 – 100 % equity buy-out. If you are looking to scale your business and need capital to expand or you want to retire, we are here to help.

Contracting & Purchasing

We have well established networks and can assist in evaluating and maximizing contracts with vendors, suppliers, and payors.

Scheduling, Billing and Collection

We have cost-effective scheduling and billing departments that aide in overall reduction of admin costs.


We can help you maintain compliance with all federal and state regulatory agencies.


We will take care of any future capital needs whether it is debt or equity.


We have an established recruiting and HR department which can support all your staffing needs.

Financials, Budgeting & Accounting

We can absorb all accounts payable & receivable, expense management, preparation of financial reports and tax compliance.

Marketing & Community outreach

Our experts know how to use all the latest technologies and proven methods to shine our brand.

Practice Management Software

We have developed state-of-the-art PMS and EMR software that is overseen by our IT team to support your practice. Our custom developed practice management software and use of technology can add up to 10% to the bottom line.

With any merger we get to know you and your organization. We value your expertise, knowledge and what has made you successful. You are able to keep your independence while having a close partner by your side. If you’re thinking about expanding your practice, selling your practice, or any steps in between, please consider SLP-tele as your next step to reaching your destination.

How does it work?

Step 1

Contact us

Step 2

Initial phone call and go over details. Identify if we are a right fit

Step 3

We sign a confidentiality agreement

Step 4

You send us the financial statements

Step 5

If we are interested, we send you an initial offer (LOI)

Step 6

If LOI is accepted, due diligence begins

Step 7

We do site visit and finalize legal paper

Step 8

We wire the funds to you and we are Partners!!