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We Can Help: Speech Therapy for Language Delay

We Have a Team of Licensed Therapists Providing A Variety of Speech Delay Programs in Numerous Languages

My child will point and gesture when he wants something, but when he tries to speak, I can’t understand him.

Is my child’s speech and language development delayed?

These are all questions that parents of young children will grapple with at some point. Your best option is to seek a speech/language evaluation by a licensed professional. We can help! Please schedule your free speech consultation with us today.

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A Team of Licensed Speech Therapists For You

SLP-tele is a leading online speech therapy provider for autism patients of all ages

Providing only licensed speech therapists

Offering a wide array of programs in a variety of languages

Accepting most insurance plans

Dedicated to working with you and your family to provide the best treatment programs possible.


Better outcomes. Online therapy helps children better absorb the lessons and skills being taught to them.

Improved participation. Better scheduling options means families can take advantage of these services.

Kids love it. Children love tech and the online world. Online therapy is a more enjoyable experience where they can participate in fun, game-based activities.

Better communication and reporting. The online system allows for quicker and easier communication between patients and therapists.