Why Work with Us

Work from anywhere in the world. We offer flexible schedules with evening and weekend hours. Work with a diverse clinic-based caseload with adults and pediatrics, which means no IEPs!


Work a consistent schedule within the hours you want. We have a high demand for evenings & weekends and require a minimum of 24 visits (12 hours/week).

Work From Home

As a member of our provider network, our SLPs and SLPAs can work from anywhere in the world. Join our global team and work in the comfort of your own home.

Innovative Technology

Our paperless EMR system allows you to streamline your documentation. Our uniquely designed software lets you create your own activities to enhance your delivery of Evidence-Based Practice.

Comprehensive Onboarding

We provide comprehensive training of our system. You will be part of an elite group of professionals with expertise in multiple subject areas.

Supportive Culture

Our office staff will assist with scheduling issues. We have monthly team meetings to share ideas and improve our processes that you can join.

Clinic-Based Caseload

Clinic-Based Caseload

Diverse patient population with children from 18 months through geriatrics treating Childhood Language Disorders, Cognitive-Communication Disorders, Autism, Aphasia, Voice and more!

Why Work With SLP-tele

How Tele-Speech Works

Tele-Speech services are a unique and highly effective method of providing care for clients through technology. 

With SLP-tele, you’ll come to find a number of amazing benefits including:

Less time documenting and more time treating patients

Better client outcomes

Competitive pay-no travel

Better communication and reporting

Improved compliance and consistent attendance due to ease of access.

Stronger relationships with clients and their families

Today’s children are digital natives and in many cases prefer the online environment. Children love our fun, interactive activities. They often find the experience less intimidating than in-person interactions

Parents are satisfied with the improved therapeutic outcomes

Our adult clients love the convenience of connecting from their home. A family member is usually nearby to offer support

Frequently Asked Questions

What is SLP-tele?

SLP-tele is a technology-centric company focused on enabling excellent clinical care by pushing the boundaries of technology. We are a perfect blend of Speech Language Pathologists and Programmers with a razor focus on developing innovative ways of providing speech therapy services. We serve clients who would otherwise not be receiving any services by connecting them with SLPs who have expertise in their unique area of need.

What is the joining process?

Once you submit your application, it will be routed to our Talent Acquisition Team and a member of our team will reach out to schedule a video interview.  

What training will I receive?
You will receive 1:1 training from our team, which includes access to videos and tutorials, as well as additional support to learn our system.
What do I need to get started?

We require a computer/laptop, webcam, headset, high-speed internet and a license to practice speech therapy in the state where client resides.

Is online therapy really as good as face-to-face therapy?

Research shows that teletherapy is just as effective as in person therapy. On average, our clients are seen 2-3 times per week in individual sessions, which means faster results.

What kind of material will I use?

We have a growing library of digital materials for everyone to use. In addition, you can use any of your own materials within your therapy sessions. You can even use the toys and objects within the child or adults home when you are conducting teletherapy with your clients.

Will I be completing IEPs?
We are clinic-based and currently do not work with the school systems. Therefore, you will never have to complete an IEP!
What are the license requirements to provide teletherapy?
You must be licensed in the state in which you will be treating. If you do not have that license, you have the ability to obtain that license.
What hours can I work?
Depending on the time zone in which you are located, you will have a lot of flexibility to work outside of regular school hours. This means you have the option to work early in the morning or late in the evening and on weekends, if you choose.
What is the company’s process for documentation and billing?

The SLP-tele system is an end-to-end Practice Management and Electronic Medical Records. All the documentation and billing is done within our system. SLPs need to submit their notes daily and are not responsible for billing insurance.

How often will I be paid?
You can manage your payroll through our proprietary platform following a bimonthly schedule.
What is SLP-tele’s referral source?

SLP-tele is one of the largest and fastest growing company in speech therapy. We are preferred providers for several insurance companies, medical groups, IPA’s and hospitals. SLPs are not required to generate any referrals. We currently have more referrals than SLPs and continue to recruit for SLPs on an ongoing basis.

How does the Therapist communicate with clients?

SLPs can communicate with families in a number of ways. In addition to making phone calls which can be logged within our system, they can also send and receive secure emails and SMS messages provided by the company. The SMS system is built in to our SLP-tele application.

Which technology is used for teleconferencing?
We have built the latest teleconferencing technology into our own software.
What kind of support is offered in order to work with clients?
As part of your on-boarding, we offer every new SLP training in our system. If you are new to teletherapy, we have training to help you get up to speed. We have a dedicated scheduling team to assist with scheduling issues. We hold regular team meetings and have a Clinical Manager to support you.
Does SLP-tele have online library for speech therapy material?
We have an extensive library that is available within our system. We have screen sharing capability built into our system that SLPs can use to share any existing materials that they have on their computer. SLPs can also upload materials on our system using our content management feature.
How do assessments work within SLP-tele? Do you provide assessment materials?
We provide a report template to guide your assessment. We are currently not licensed to provide any standardized assessments for our providers. However, as independent contractors, you can use any of your own testing materials on our platform.
Am I able to pick and choose my caseload?
We are a clinic-based practice. We receive referrals for a wide variety of disorders ranging from ages 18 months through geriatrics. We assign our clients in the order in which they are received and expect our SLPs to be able to serve all clients within the scope of speech-language pathology.
How long is a typical contract?

Our contracts with SLPs do not have an expiration date unless negotiated otherwise. Once you sign a contract, you are considered a 1099 contractor until either party decides to end the contract within a 30-days notice.

Current Assignments

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